Roadside Assistance Services

car-rearCall us for speedy assistance with your stranded vehicle! We offer:

Coming Soon: Roadside Membership Plans

Single Vehicle Plan

This membership includes:

Family Plan

This membership covers up to three (3) vehicles and includes:

Membership Terms

Loaner vehicle requirements:

Please allow for 10 days for service to start (Your membership card will be mailed out during this time period).

The City’s Safe Clear Program must take you off of the freeway before services can be rendered (without exception).

A membership application must be completed and a $50 set-up fee plus subscription service fee of $9.95 per month must be set-up with our auto pay system or a cell phone service provider.

If you do not have a bank account or available credit card to process through our system, your payments must be sent in before the first of every month.

Overdue accounts are subject to cancellation. Reactivation fees may apply, and may require a ten day period in which no services will be rendered).